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Easy123Art | Paint by Number

Easy123Art got started with a simple product that gives anyone the experience of creating a masterpiece, and cleverly incorporates something we all have and love: photographs. The custom paint by number art product is a modern take on the 1950’s era paint-by-number with stunning realism. The kitschy yet endearing personalized art concept quickly set the stage for a mail order business.

More than 20 years of an evolving digital realm and increasing popularity of personalized products, Easy123Art  attracted a new audience working directly with businesses developing brand-specific paint by number kits and other products, inspiring the most loyal fans to experience your brand as a masterpiece and keepsake. Our business clientele ranges from museums, lifestyle magazines, universities, and visitor centers, to boutique shops and corporate events, and major retailers.

Easy123Art continues to inspire within the niche of nostalgia with a one-of-a-kind art product, connecting your most treasured moments with a creative and expressive art form: paint by number.

Welcome to Easy123Art.


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